Who Handles Hydronics in Omro & Oshkosh, WI?

GRP Mechanical, Inc repairs pumps and steam systems

Heating and cooling doesn't only happen via vents and ductwork. GRP Mechanical, Inc will talk to you about hydronics and steam systems in Omro & Oshkosh, WI. These systems radiate energy outward through the floors or walls.

A hydronic system uses a pump to circulate liquid through the building via plastic pipes installed in the concrete slab or flooring. Hydronic systems use the same medium over and over to provide more energy efficiency.

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3 advantages of hydronics and steam systems

3 advantages of hydronics and steam systems

Steam systems offer similarities to hydronics, except they use steam instead of a liquid medium. By using liquid or steam, these systems:

  1. Require less energy than blowing air through ducts
  2. Create less noise than traditional HVAC systems
  3. Don't collect dust or mold that affect air quality

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